Membership: Exhibition Preview and Opening Lecture "Mastering his Craft: CS's origins as a Painter"

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Thursday January 16

6:00 PM  –  8:00 PM

Dive deep into our newest exhibition, The Early Years: Clyfford Still in Canada, 1920–33, with curator Patricia Failing, professor emerita, division of art history, University of Washington–Seattle. 

The third and final installment in an exhibition series featuring Still’s earliest works, Professor Failing illustrates the early development and legacy of Still’s artistic practices in two distinctive geographical settings, Bow Island (1920–25) and Killam, Alberta (1925–33). Despite environmental contrasts of the two locations, and the relative sophistication of Still’s work of the later 1920s, both his Bow Island and Killam images convey his youthful experience in a familiar and comfortable environment—standing apart from Still’s later preoccupation with the uncanny and sublime. 

Failing points out that Still’s work began to broaden and become more sophisticated as he moved through the 1920s with additional artistic training. As time went on, Still tried different ways of applying pigment, varied textures, and developed more adventuresome paint handling techniques. This presentation will review the foundations of Still’s life work as an artist, including his early technical training and studio methodologies and his sources of inspiration.